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David Desrosiers BIO

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Name: David Desrosiers

Date of birth: Aug. 29, 1980

Fav. Color: Black

Fav. Bands: Papa Roach, American HI/FI, Weezer, Jimmy Eat World, Green Day, 22 Jacks, No Doubt, Sugar Ray, Face to Face, Sum 41, Blink-182, Foo Fighters (in no particular order)

Fav. Food: Sushi

Fav. Movie: Grease, Pump up the Volume

Fav. TV Show: Wonder Years (I cried so many times watching that show)

Fav. Boy Band: Backstreet Boys

Fav. Video game: Pro AM (Nintendo old school)

Fav. Book: Kamasutra (borrowed from my sister)

Fav. Concert: There are so many but to pick one, I would have to say EDGEFEST 2

Fav. Magazine: Modern Drummer

Fav. Actor/Actress: Robin Williams/Drew Barrymore

Fav. Superhero: Superman  

Ultimate place to live:  Hawaii but I'd have to be with someone that I love!

Previous day job: Used to work at McDonald's in my hometown

Guilty Pleasure: Peeing in the shower just relaxes me

Pets: Golden Retriever: Sam, the Cutest (R.I.P.)

Siblings: Sister - Julie 

Fav. Day of the Year: June 8th

Nickname(s): Ritalin  

Height: You'll see when we meet!

Eye Color:
  A mix between green and brown

Hair Color:
  Brown usually

Contact Lenses?

Word or Phrase: Word

Lucky Number: 17 

Fav. Candy: All 

Fav. Restaurant:  Any good sushi place!!!

Fav. Alcoholic drink:  Singapore Sling

Fav. Sport to Watch:  Sex (I consider it a sport)

Fav. Day of the Week: Saturday

Hugs or kisses?

Relationships or one-night stands?
Relationship. C'mon, I want a life!

Chocolate or vanilla ice-cream?

Email or Telephone Calls?
  Telephone calls!!!

What can't you live without?
  My girlfriend

Mud or Jell-O Wrestling?  Jell-O